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All for Kieron

Justin Marville

All for Kieron

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At least, local players do not have an issue with Kieron Pollard at the helm.
Events operations officer of the Barbados leg for the Caribbean Premier League (CPL), Paul Skinner, said each Bajan in the Barbados Tridents franchise has publicly supported Pollard so there should not be a problem with the selection of the Trinidadian player as captain.
Skinner made the comments in response to recent public concerns over the world Twenty20 star leading the Barbados-based franchise in the inaugural CPL tournament.
“If there is no issue from within [the team], then there really should be no problem at all,” said Skinner.
“I mean, we’ve had public statements from players who have said they have no problem under Kieron, and then, I still don’t know how widespread this public outcry is because there are many who also support his selection.
“I am sure there are several candidates within the team worthy to lead and there can be arguments put forward for any one of them, but Kieron was selected to lead the franchise and this is how a franchise system works.”