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OUTSIDE THE PULPIT: Keep up good work

Reverend Errington Massiah

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Regardless of what many people may think, the drug trade is very frightening – especially these days when it seems that people have no regard for others and are not afraid of prison.
It is very alarming when I saw recent statistics in the Monday, July 22 edition of the DAILY NATION about the number of cannabis plants (herb) that are grown right here in Barbados and this is of great concern to all of us.
The numbers of marijuana plants are rising! In fact, between 2008 and 2012, seizures of local cannabis have almost quadrupled to 21 030.
Year   Plants seized
2008      5 984
2009     10 167
2010     10 994
2011    17 239
2012    21 030
In the last five years we have seen a steady increase in the cultivation of cannabis in Barbados. According to police reports, most of the plants are found in rugged areas of St Joseph, St John and St George.
This is why we have to be serious about agriculture, especially the sugar crop. If we do not, more land will go out of production and this can open up more areas for cultivating marijuana!
The increase in plants means there is a market, a case of supply and demand.
The Royal Barbados Police Force and security forces are doing a great job.
Please keep it up.