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Leadership dilemmaa

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Leadership dilemmaa

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TWO MEN in a certain organization are being encouraged to speak out about its lethargic leadership and to seek to wrest control before the whole situation implodes.
Cou Cou has been reliably informed that rank and file members are looking to these two men from the east to rise up and become the beacons of hope for that organization’s future.
It is known that one of the two has been disenchanted for some time, and is at the end of his twine, so much so that he is becoming more vocal on matters. Insiders expect it is only a matter of time before he starts barking in his unique way. And they cite the fact that he has already qualified for a fat cheque for the rest of his life, no matter what happens, as his incentive to make his move now.
On the other hand, the other gentleman, who has slowly gained the reputation as a smooth talker and the one who gets it done, has to wait a couple more years to qualify for his lifetime cheque, and insiders feel that may be the reason he has not moved to grasp power.
One diehard member told Cou Cou that the last time there was so much distress within the organization the leader pulled up the stumps and finished the game. The same thing could happen again if the entity is not careful, so it would be better for an internal move to refresh the leadership at the top than have everything implode as it did before.
Pain cutting $400 million
MERGERS SEEM to be on the cards for a number of entities in the public service as Government seeks to slice a $400 million chunk off its expenses.
One of the mergers Cou Cou was reliably informed about would involve integrating one official propaganda arm of the administration with the other.
Those in the know say the only challenge involved in this exercise would be shifting a wholly operated Civil Service entity into that of a statutory organization.
Some who have heard about the proposal are saying it would be a good cost-cutting, common sense move. However, they worry about whether the little credible information now received will be subsumed by propaganda.  
 Mark of a professional
ONE MAN’S MISFORTUNE could definitely redound to another’s benefit. In fact, a group of underpaid, mostly under-appreciated but dedicated, hard-working professionals are now rejoicing over that fact.
It all stems from a situation Cou Cou revealed several weeks ago where a man regarded as a true professional was removed from his area of expertise for, believe it or not, doing his job.
From what Cou Cou was told, this man who was trained overseas and has been performing his task locally and regionally with distinction, found evidence that a relative of a big-up in the organization was responsible for a certain act.
So the young man followed through and made the necessary recommendations as he would have done in the case of any other individual.
But who tell him to do that?
He was summarily relieved of his position and sent to function somewhere else, leaving this skills-starved organization with yet another problem.
Well, the young man took matters into his own hands and quit. It was a bold move, but a respected one.
However, the particular big-up and his top boy found themselves out in the cold, and shivering in shame. The young professional has subsequently withdrawn his resignation and is now back where he belongs.