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Remembering that fateful day at hot pot

CAROL MARTINDALE, [email protected]

Remembering that fateful day at hot pot

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Around ?this time of year the?“hot pot” is usually boiling over with both children and adults happily frolicking in its warm inviting waters.
But who could forget the tragic day of July 21 1997, when the hot pot went cold.
A strong undercurrent swept away the Cumberbatch brothers, Kevin 10 and Kenny, 11, and caused the lives of four other people who went in to save them.
Many more barely got out of the swirling water alive.
But sea bathers still continue to flock to this popular Spring Garden location, which is linked to the Barbados Light and Power Co.’s generation plant, even though it holds the record for the worst beach tragedy in Barbados.
For some of the relatives of the victims and some of the survivors the memory of what happened 16 years ago never goes away.
For them the hot pot is the death pot.
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