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Be warned!

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Be warned!

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TRADE UNION leader Sir Roy Trotman has warned business leaders they will run into serious trouble if they seek to bypass the national interest and the rights of port workers.
The Barbados Workers’ Union (BWU) general secretary was commenting on the union’s objection to Preconco Limited, which is headed by Mark Maloney, moving to load a barge with 60-foot-long pre-cast concrete slabs at the Flour Mill site of the Bridgetown Port Inc., using Preconco’s labour and equipment.
In an interview Friday night with the SUNDAY SUN, Sir Roy said: “If they believe that they can go and set up a private port and that we are supposed to sit back and allow individual interests to bypass national interests, then they have me to deal with. I have no apologies to make to anyone . . . .”
He added: “What the Maloneys and those other people did was very wrong, and they had to correct themselves. They must understand that there are rules, there are practices, there are conditions and agreements covering much of what happens in labour in Barbados and nobody is bigger than those rules.” (GA)