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A?CANADIAN?businessman who invested US$750 000 in the Pickering Court Project, which is still to get off the ground in St Lucy, is seeking to have a lien placed on the 200 000 square feet of land because the developers have not repaid his money.
Speaking to the SUNDAY?SUN from his office in Canada, businessman Denham Jolly calculated he was owed close to US$1 million (BDS$2 million) in interest and other fees on the loan.
Jolly said he was in contact with a local attorney to pursue a lawsuit against Pickering Court Development and North Ridge Development Company, in an effort to recover his money.
He revealed that in 2011 he was approached by Reynold Austin, the president of the Democratic Labour Party’s (DLP) Canadian branch, about advancing a loan to Pickering Court Development.
“I knew Mr Austin through a business association,” he explained. “He approached me in the spring of 2011 for a business loan for Pickering Court Development. He assured me that it was a great investment because it was a centrepiece for the Government and the enhancement of their re-election.”