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Not the time!

Barry Alleyne

Not the time!

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Public servants in Barbados can breathe a bit easier. For now.
Minister of Finance Chris Sinckler has promised that if the struggling economy does reach the stage where Barbadians are to be put on the breadline, trade unions and the population will be consulted first.
“I can’t say from this distance we are looking to lay people off,” Sinckler added in response to a caller on Starcom Network’s Brass Tacks call-in programme yesterday.
That was the minister’s response when asked if the dollar was in danger of being devalued, and was told he needed to be frank and truthful about whether public sector workers would be sent home because their salaries were part of the reason for Government’s cash flow problems.
“Our policy as a Government has always been to hold on to public sector jobs as long as we can and that is still our policy,” Sinckler responded.