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NUPW warning

Maria Bradshaw

NUPW warning

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Union?Boss?Denis Clarke is prepared to march and take Government to court if it gives employees of the soon to be established Central Revenue Authority increased salaries that would not be applied to the general public service.
The leader of the National Union of Public Workers (NUPW), which represents the majority of Government workers, told the MIDWEEK?NATION yesterday that a statutory board was to be formed and the proposal was to give “respective positions”?associated with the new board higher salaries than what they were currently getting.
“I have no difficulty with that but they would have to give corresponding employees across the public service similar increases. This is four years that the public servants have not had increases and if you are saying ‘hold strain’ then it must be across the board and if you are giving increases it has to be across the board. It can’t be one or the other,”?he argued.
The Central Revenue Authority is supposed to be implemented on October 1. It is being developed to bring efficiency to government’s revenue collection by having all of the major collecting departments such as Land Tax, Licensing Authority, the Value Added Tax Division and Customs and Excise under one umbrella and managed by a statutory board.
An upset Clarke also expressed concern about reports that employees attached to this statutory corporation would not receive pensions and gratuities.