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Rescue plan

Barry Alleyne

Rescue plan

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The Barbados Private Sector Association (BPSA) has its own plan to save the Barbados economy.
The first two areas on its to-do list are for Government to reduce the country’s national debt by selling off non-strategic, non-core Government assets such as Hilton Barbados to pay down on debt, and sell strategic assets to credit unions, pension funds or even the public by way of share offerings.
The plan was revealed yesterday by the BPSA’s team of chairman John Williams, CEO Anne Reid and independent director Alex MacDonald, during a specially held press conference at its Whitepark Road, St Michael headquarters.
“Barbados is facing one of the most challenging periods we have ever faced,” Williams told reporters. “We all want to see Barbados on a path of recovery, growth and prosperity, but wishful thinking will not get us there. With this plan, I’m feeling the most positive I’ve felt in recent times about Barbados improving,” the private sector chief said of the new initiative.