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Close call

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Close call

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 A morning accident along White Hall in St Peter has left a St Peter woman shaken but thankful to be alive and without injuries, after the car in which she was riding ran off the road and ended up on the bridge.
According to reports, the accident occurred around 8:30 a.m. yesterday as the driver was on her way home from work at the Geriatric Hospital and was just minutes away from her home.
A small crowd of onlookers gathered at the scene to get a glimpse of the car, which ended up on its side on the pedestrian walkway on the bridge, while motorists slowed down to view the accident and enquire as to the condition of the driver who, to their surprise, was unhurt and walking around.
One such motorist was Sir Charles Williams, who on inquiring and being told that the young lady was all right, said to her: “You must thank God and go to church every Sunday, you hear?”
This is the second accident in a week in the White Hall area. Last Sunday afternoon a car collided with a motorcycle, resulting in injuries to three people. (RL)
Here, the car that ended up on the bridge at White Hall, St Peter. (Picture by Ricardo Leacock.)