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Crowds flock to Pic-O-De-Crop

Barry Alleyne

Crowds flock to Pic-O-De-Crop

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The big guns were absent, but the big crowd was very much present at the MQI/BANKS/LIME Pic-O-De-Crop Finals.
Long before the strains of the National Anthem broke out at exactly 8 p.m., hundreds of patrons were already filing into every nook and cranny of the famous cricket ground.
With the competition being seen as an open one in the absence of defending champion Red Plastic Bag and perennial winner Mighty Gabby, Barbadians flocked to the mecca of cricket to see a new king being crowned from a line-up that included two former monarchs.
The first half of the show did have some technical issues, with veteran performer Serenader being forced to wait an extra five minutes to perform Sophany in C Minor.
There was also a slight glitch in another video clip, but first-time finalist Aziza handled it flawlessly during her rendition of Barbados I Pray For You.
The crowd not only filled the grounds, but stretched right back to the Greenidge and Haynes Stand, by far the longest distance from the stage.
There was no frustration late in the first half, however, when crowd favourite Ian Webster left the fans in stitches, with his popular rendition of The Things We Do for Love.
The Cave Shepherd All Stars singer came to the show as an odds-on favourite to better his runner-up performance last year, and the crowd was on his side.