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‘Devastating’ comment on workers

Heather-Lynn Evanson

‘Devastating’ comment on workers

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THE MOST DEVASTATING comment made about Blacks since the days of slavery.
That is how the comment that the majority of Barbadian workers are lazy, made by white businessman Ralph “Bruggadung” Johnson, has been described by one man on the day that Pan Africanists called their own yesterday.
Speaking to scores of people who had just witnessed a cultural presentation at the Emancipation Statue during yesterday’s Emancipation Day celebrations, Bertram Bispham, president of the Barbados Association of Professional Social Workers, said the comments which he noted referred to the majority of Barbadians who were of African descent, harked back to the mentality of white slave owners.
But it was those same “lazy” workers, said the president, who made business owners as rich as they were today.