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I CONFESS: Man, 26, involved with 14-year-old

BEA DOTTIN, [email protected]

I CONFESS: Man, 26, involved with 14-year-old

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I am very disturbed about a ridiculous situation in a rural parish. It is one I feel the Child Care Board should be called in to investigate too because it involves an underage girl and a big, hard-back man.
As a woman with children and grandchildren I feel very concerned that such a thing could be happening in Barbados, yet no one is doing anything to expose it. 
I am even more hurt that no one in the immediate district has told the mother of the little girl involved that what she is allowing her child to be part of is wrong.
This is what is going on: a 26-year-old man is sexually involved with a 14-year-old schoolgirl. He has been troubling her since she was 11 years old. This girl used to even sleep with this man at night when they lived close to each other in the same district before he was chased out of the house he was in.
What makes this horrible situation worse is that this man is the girl’s cousin, and her mother seems to know what is happening as she sends the girl to him for money every Friday.
This man also has two young children from a woman in St Michael and does not pay child support.
I know of this situation because a relative of mine is a good friend of the family of the woman who has children for the man. Besides that, I know people who live in the same rural district as the girl and her family.
My understanding of the situation is that the woman and the man were involved about ten years ago, and that was when she had the first child for him. However the relationship did not last for long as he had a roving eye and she could not stand that, so she sent him packing.
I was told too that a big problem between them was caused by his love for pornography and his desire to do, and have done to him, some of the things he saw being performed on the screen.
Apparently, the woman was not inclined to do such things, so the two of them got away and they went their separate ways. As they had a child, they kept in regular contact. A few years on though they got back together when he supposedly promised her he would not be unfaithful again. This was when she became pregnant again and had his second child.
Unfortunately for her, when the baby was just about a year old she found out to her horror that he was sexually involved with his underage cousin. Apparently he took her virginity and continued dealing with her though he had a steady relationship with his children’s mother. And as she did not sleep with him, he would let the little girl come over every night to warm his bed. 
The children’s mother started suspecting something was going on between them because the girl would come around when she went by the man and stare at her, though she wouldn’t say anything. Another clue was the girl being at the man’s house early most mornings when she called him.
The strongest clue was when the man was told to leave the house he was staying in. The person who ordered him to leave was concerned about what the man was doing in the house.
But when the woman was attacked while sitting in a minibus in town one day she was left in no doubt about the man and little girl. As I was told, the girl threw the dunks she was eating at her and began cursing her.
When the woman told the man about the incident, at first he said he could not understand why the girl should act so. Eventually though, he admitted that he was having sex with the girl, but blamed the woman for pushing him to her by not satisfying his needs. He told her that because she was not willing to do certain sex acts, he went with the little girl, who willingly did them.
The woman ended their relationship after that. Since then she has had hell getting support for the two children from him.
This whole situation is even more upsetting because the mother of this girl seems to know everything this child is doing.
This situation is so terrible that if I didn’t know about it first-hand, I would never have believed something like this could happen here. Up to now I can’t understand how a man could be so obsessed with a little girl that he would forsake his own children’s welfare and the love of a good woman.
It is a crying shame what he is doing.