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MAVIS BECKLES: Only a matter o’ time

BEA DOTTIN, [email protected]

MAVIS BECKLES: Only a matter o’ time

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Fuh years now evahbody know dat a lot o’ the athletes from some o’ dem big countries used tuh be involve in taking the enhancement drugs.
Whether they knew of it or did not know of it; fuh example, Marion Jones who duh say, knew of it and Ben Johnson who said he did not know of it, dat it was his physician who he trusted and who eventually messed him up. But, one way or the other, duh find the banned drugs in duh systems.
Now fuh years we in the Caribbean, especially Jamaica, were producing some o’ the most outstanding athletes in the world and as far as I have heard, duh used tuh get tested and tested non-stop before and after each race but duh nevah find anything in dem.
But as the old people used tuh say, “Wha’ doan happen in a year does happen in a day”, and dat is as true as ya live ’cause dat day has come and look at wha’ happening now. Two o’ the Caribbean top-class athletes dat all o’ we look up tuh wid pride now get tested positive.
We Jamaican golden girl Veronica Campbell-Browne, who was out there blazing the trail all the time, and Asafa Powell, who Usain Bolt take ovah from, now pon the list of athletes who duh say tested positive fuh drugs.
It is a sad day fuh the Caribbean, especially Jamaica, which continues tuh excel and keep the Caribbean flag flying high above a host o’ the other big and better off countries.
I am sure dat dem drug testing people have been trying fuh years tuh find something pon we athletes but, ya see, nuh matter how hard duh try, duh couldn’t find one thing pon we; we athletes used tuh wuk like Joe Heap mares fuh the recognition and respect dat duh finally got. 
We bronze boy Obadele Thompson was talking ’bout the lot o’ drugs dat some o’ dem big shot athletes used tuh be taking fuh all the years and then it start tuh happen; some o’ dem start tuh test positive, good, but what I nevah wanted tuh see happen was one o’ we own from the Caribbean get caught up in nothing so ’cause it like it does really mess up the athlete, like Barry Forde and Ben Johnson: evahbody ain’t got dat kinda resilience tuh bounce back.
A lot o’ dem doan think it fair da a simple li’l poor black boy from the Caribbean should be able tuh run suh fast and continue tuh beat the whole world, especially athletes from America the great.
I was reading an interview Bolt was having in London when some people were suggesting after both Asafa Powell and Tyson claim dat dem failed the drug tests because they trusted people they didn’t know well.
But Bolt, when somebody like duh suggested dat he could be given a banned supplement and test positive, Bolt tell dem dat he does not doubt his inner circle. He said he only takes vitamins, not supplements. He like he forget the yams now.
He went on tuh tell dem dat he was made tuh inspire people and tuh run. He also tell dem dat he was given a gift and it is what he does, so he will continue running, using his talent and improving the sport.
Bolt tell the people who was interviewing him, the skeptics as duh call dem, when duh started tuh question his integrity dat dem should check his record and see dat he was doing phenomenal things from the time he was 15 years old. He tell dem dat he was the youngest person tuh win the world juniors at 15. He then tell dem dat he break evah single record in evah single event he evah did.
Good fuh you, Bolt. Dat is telling dem.
I know another athlete dat duh all like now only waiting pon is my boy Kirani James from Grenada, but I pray dat he keep he headon, take counsel and surround himself wid people who only have his best interests at heart.
But before I close off, wunna see Jamaica, dem ain’t easy, hear? I read there in the Wednesday paper datthe Jamaica government is looking into the possibility of establishing a internationally accredited anti-doping laboratory. It was the Sports Minister Natalie Nieta Headley who was saying dat the laboratory was tuh test athletes fuh all the substances pon the world anti-doping agency’s banned list as well as the supplements marketed tuh athletes.
Headley said dat it is only a question as tuh whether Jamaica would be able tuh find dat additional capital and tuh convince the rest o’ the world dat Jamaica has all the requirements fuh dem tuh send duh tests there.
• Mavis Beckles was born and raised in The Orleans. She has an opinion on everything.