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PUDDING & SOUSE: Hooked on heavy hand

BEA DOTTIN, [email protected]

PUDDING & SOUSE: Hooked on heavy hand

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It’s retribution time for the man who has gone back to the pretty woman after all the wrong she did him.
Friends want to know why he is being such a loopy dog after she beat him up and broke his spectacles in front of his friend who was here from the United States.
Now, he is running up by her every night, but little does he know what she is getting into during the day.
She has been saying that he is an alcoholic and can’t satisfy her in the bedroom.?So she is getting even with him, but only until October, when he is no longer working and will not have access to the free ride.
Friends are laughing at him to see that out of all the women he was running with, including the one from Guyana, he has chosen to be hooked on a woman who is only out for revenge.
Paving way for monkey
People in a St Michael district are still laughing at a married man who took a 6 for a 9 after he met someone he thought was a sweet, innocent young woman.
It seems the man met the young woman in the execution of his duties and fell for her. He saw her as a victim and tried his best to assist her and a child.
This caring individual took care of her housing needs by ensuring she had a relatively decent place to live and looked after the rent for the first three months. He also bought her a second-hand stove, a refrigerator and helped to stock the house with groceries.
In all, he spent just over $5000 on this woman, but felt it was worth every penny given the individual he thought he had. From all reports, he was doing this because he harboured thoughts of wooing this woman to become his deputy and being able to have a safe location to see her.
However, after returning from holiday recently, he got the shock of his life when he went by the woman to find her mother, brother and man – whom she never spoke about before –  had moved in.
The man now understands why one has to find out first if a woman wants you in that way before spending  big sums on her.
School supplies can wait
A St Michael woman, who has been living it up at almost every Crop Over fete, is walking around begging her family and friends to give her money to buy her children’s school supplies.
But everyone is turning their back on her because instead of using her back-to-school loan to get her two children ready for school, she blew the money buying outfits for herself and going to events every weekend.
Even her mother is crying shame  on her and saying she needs to be put in a cage because she is a wild party animal.
Too hot to foxtrot
Dance students attending a studio would like to tell a certain woman to take off her dancing shoes and have a seat.
This woman, who works at a financial institution, is always pushing up herself to all of the men in the studio because she thinks that she is such a hot stepper.
But the other women want her to know that they are not fooled by her nice demeanour. They actually think that she is very fake.
Instead of trying to tango with all of the men at the studio, they want her to watch her step with her cheating husband and foxtrot her way into his arms instead.