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Bad bypass


Bad bypass

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OFFICIALS?at the Barbados Water Authority (BWA) were scratching their heads on Friday after discovering a sophisticated illegal connection tapping the precious liquid at a St Michael laundry.
The meter had been repositioned and a circular connection was attached to two pipe fittings, allowing the water to bypass the meter. The set-up was also concealed by a concrete mixture.
While officials quickly disconnected the system and returned the meter to its original location, the manager of Lavada’s Laundry on Black Rock Main Road, St Michael, said he did not know that the water was bypassing the meter.
“Three workers from the Water Authority came here and told me that they were repositioning the meter. I asked them if they could place the pipes on the wall and they said ‘no’, so I asked them if they could put concrete on it to keep it stable. They told me they do not do that and I?just pulled out $50 and gave it to them to put concrete on the pipe,” Robert Busby told the SUNDAY?SUN.