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Row over Blood


Row over Blood

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IT MAY NOT come in a letter addressed to Cupid on The Things We Do For Love, but questions are being raised about the involvement of Lil Rick in Blood’s performance in last Friday’s Pic-O-De-Crop Finals.
Within minutes of the announcement of the final places yesterday morning, talk was spreading that Blood, who placed third with Recession and Ah Can’t Wait, may have breached the rules.
Similar to last Sunday when he used Gabby at Bushy Park in the latter song to take the Sweet Soca title, the self-proclaimed king of the stage used Mr Crop Over Lil Rick in his presentation. Both Lil Rick and Gabby sang a few lines before disappearing from stage.
Most of the finalists interviewed said they had not seen the performance, because they were either finishing their own performances or putting themselves in the frame of mind to do so.