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A Lil bit o’ Rick

Carol Ann Tudor

A Lil bit o’ Rick

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They came to party hard and that’s just what they did, but for 45 minutes less than what they expected, when a power outage caused an abrupt halt to the Dis Is Rick Show at the Carlisle car park around 5:30 a.m. yesterday.
A humbled Lil Rick, who used the DAILY NATION to convey his apologies to his fans, said he was sad that he did not get to perform his full schedule, as he comforted one of his Hypa Kids who shed a few tears because she did not get her chance to go on stage.
The show was not without a few minor glitches, although many fans had a good time for their money. They had to wait patiently until around 2:30 a.m. for the first performer to appear. Those in VIP who paid $200 were also not thrilled with the fact that they were now surrounded with people who paid $160 less fortheir tickets.
This occurred after the area designated for regular patrons became so overcrowded that the gates to VIP were opened, allowing the vast numbers to infiltrate that section.