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Need the help of an electrician

shadiasimpson, [email protected]

Need the help of an electrician

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Dear Christine,
I HAVE READ so many letters you received from people who are in need of help. When I read them, they touch me in such a deep way that I wish I could be of some help to those people but you see I myself am in need of some assistance.
I am a single mother with two daughters and the owner of a two-bedroom wooden house.
It is not easy for me right now, let alone a lot of other people out there in our society.
The kind of help I am asking for is assistance with my electricity. You see, I paid the electricity bill late and it was off for over six months.
When I paid it, Barbados Light & Power told me they would not be turning on the service as yet because of the length of time that it was off. I have to get the house inspected, which is a part of protocol.
At this time I do not have a problem with that because it is part of their safety rules. I would like some help getting the house ready for the inspection because I cannot afford an electrician or the electrical items.
I am therefore asking anyone out there for some kind of help. This is seven years I have been without electricity. I will leave my contact information.
– P
 Dear P,
I am publishing your letter in the hope that someone will come to your assistance and offer the help you need so much.