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DE MARKET VENDOR: I ask muself: What are de odds?

BEA DOTTIN, [email protected]

DE MARKET VENDOR: I ask muself: What are de odds?

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I don’t believe in obeah or voodoo though strange things does happen dat cause yuh to wonder if they got forces that you don’t know ‘bout.
Recently, in New York, I had some experiences dat mek me wonder! Example: arriving at a hotel in Manhattan, late and looking fuh food, de person tekking care of me turn out to be Guyanese.
De things we had in common was amazing. I ask muself: “self, how is it wid all dese millions of people in New York, de first person you interact wid got so much in common wid Vendor, know people and places dat you know, eh self?”
Before self could answer, next morning, I gone into a big international financial house and who gine deal wid me at security? A next Guyanese. Again, we had plenty in common. I tell she how I did visit Baganara Island up Essequibo River and learn she come from up de same river, just cross from Baganara. Again, de question: “self, how come wid all dese millions of people in NY, you but up pun two Guyanese dat got summuch in common wid you?”
Self say, Vendor, I gine be short, wunnah Bajans think is only Bubbadus dat Guyanese tek over?
De most bizarre, though, was a dinner wid friends, arranged weeks before. I save de address in muh iPhone, yet somehow end up at de wrong restaurant, one I don’t know, far from where we agree to meet and while standing at de reception, trying to find muh friends, a man from Canada dat I know well tap muh back “Vendor, wha’ you doing here?”
He and I had a meeting days earlier, gone we separate ways, nuh discussion ‘bout restaurants and we end up by some strange arrangement in de same place, same day, same time! It was like some energy did bringing we into alignment, bizarre but true! I get to meet he wife and son who I didn’t see fuh years! Millions in NY and two people, who know each other, one from Canada, de other from Bubbadus, meet and exchange pleasantries in unusual circumstances, what are de odds? Answer?
On muh way to de restaurant, I had a one-hour taxi ride wid a very interesting driver. He had two hoop earings like wuh grandmother Esther Audain used to wear and nuff tattoos. He say he really not from dis world, he just passing through, dat when people bounce yuh in a crowd, dat de forces out there determine dat dem need yuh energy and by bouncing into you dem stealing yuh energy! Next time I get bounce, I gine bounce dem back and tek back muh energy!
He say he not afraid to die. Telling me dis while going over de Brooklyn bridge at 90 miles a hour did mek me feel to wee wee. I tell he I not ‘fraid to die neither but I not ready just yet. He explain we been invaded by Reptilians and how dem mek people like Hitler do bad things and dat de Reptilians controlling de world! I did glad to exit de taxi in one piece but as I think ‘bout my strange experiences, how de economy is a mess and getting worse, I checking people around me and especially politicians, wondering if my taxi driver correct, if de reason why things in a mess worldwide could be dat Reptilians running things! Could Republicans have evolved from Reptilians! I wonder if Kamla believe dat Jack is a Reptilian? Is he? I wondering now if we got Reptilians in Bubbadus?
I, Market Vendor, gone fuh now. You have a blessed and a wonderful day, yuh hear?