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Man found hanging

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Man found hanging

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As police carry out investigations, the family of the man who was found hanging in a shed in the wee hours of yesterday does not believe that he committed suicide.
According to Joan and Ruth Lynch, the story of their 49-year-old nephew David Layne of Garden Land, Country Road, St Michael, who was found by his roommate just after 1 a.m. hanging in a shed some distance away from their home was not adding up.
“I don’t feel in mind that he could hang heself and foot on the ground. I got to get that understand.
“I don’t feel he hang heself; that ain’t look so goody goody. I would go down in history to find out, some handprint or something got to find,” said Ruth.
Ruth, who seemed the stronger of the two in coping with the death, said that Layne’s mother died in April and his sister was buried three weeks ago.
She admitted that Layne, the father of one son, had bad habits, but “them ain’t no reason for he to kill he self”. (AH)

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