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RDX cries sabotage

Yvette Best

RDX cries sabotage

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Dancehall duo RDX is claiming sabotage after their performance at Sunday’s Cohobblopot.
Speaking to the MIDWEEK NATION after the performance, the duo said someone was on stage playing music in the background while “we were doing our work”.
“This is totally disrespectful, and is right up the street that someone would try to sabotage RDX just because they just didn’t want us to perform,” Renegade, one of the duo, said.
He added that there were a number of people out there who wanted to see them perform, and they would have won a few fans during the performance.
Claiming that the act was “petty” and “childish”, he said the incident would not stop them from performing again in Barbados.
“The negative people just want you to pick up the negative and feed off it. We’re more positive than that. We’re guys who come from zero to hero.
“For them to come and do that doesn’t really reflect on us in any single way. We just go and do our job.”
Simone Codrington, corporate communications specialist at the National Cultural Foundation, said there was no attempt to sabotage RDX.