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What’s Trending: Gay threat

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What’s Trending: Gay threat

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The Nation’s Online Editor Carol Martindale looks at What’s Trending today in Barbados.
Two groups representing members of the gay community are crying shame on culprits who threw stones and hurled homophobic slurs at a flag person on Grand Kadooment day.
Our readers also joined in and gave their comments.
Trudy Mayers: ” I really don’t respect the fact of a man clad as a woman or vice-versa, still is no excuse to hurl missiles at people because they see things differently than we do”.
Veronica Straker: “I’m wondering and I’m just wondering so please don’t throw rocks or missiles at me did DiDi pass this way and did anyone throw anything at him? Do people drive over to the main guard and throw anything at any of these people or even Bush Hill for that manner and throw anything at the gays? This is a one off incident and I would bet it was just a group of lawless men. Please don’t go saying that the entire nation of Barbados is a gay hate society. Everyone is free to like what he like and hate what he hate. Just like the shooting incident there will be people who do nonsense. All of Barbados don’t get guns and go around shooting people. Deal with the culprits but please leave out the rest of us”.
Derek Gale: “Today on my Facebook page, I posted a news item from Barbados Daily Nation entitled “Gay Plea” where the Royal Barbados Police public relations officer inspector David Welch had confirmed that lawmen had received a report that Justin Poleon, the flag bearer for the Youth Explosion band, was stuck with stones for being gay as he passed along Green Hill, in the parish of St Michael. However, I said it will be interesting to see if the Barbadian Police and the Barbadian Government are going to do something about the ignorance, homophobia, hate, hurt and despise towards the LGBT Society in Barbados…”