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DEAR CHRISTINE: Should I make the first move?

BEA DOTTIN, [email protected]

DEAR CHRISTINE: Should I make the first move?

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Dear Christine,
I am in a situation which is causing me some sleepless nights.
Two years ago I met a wonderful man in my place of birth. I grew to really love this man and when we started dating, it was like heaven on earth.
However, something happened along the course of our relationship and we grew apart. We kept calling each other and seeing each other periodically, but things were not the same.
Christine, I really love this man, but I am not sure how he feels about me. He’ll call and we’ll chat.
I even call him sometimes but the truth is, I need more out of this friendship than he realizes.
However, I’ve always been taught that men are the ones who should make the first move.
What advice would you give me?
– P.A
Dear P.A,
I believe from talking to this man you should have an idea of whether or not he is interested in you. The mere fact that he still calls means he still cares, but I guess it is hard to tell if he cares as much as you do.
I don’t believe that you should throw yourself at him, but you can let him know that he’s special to you.
Maybe he too knows the relationship is special and is waiting for you to declare your hand. Right now,  answer to you would be to wait and keep the conversations going.
Maybe in due time you’ll understand what course the relationship is taking.