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Hilton prepared for hurricane season

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Hilton prepared for hurricane season

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THE MANAGEMENT AT HILTON Barbados Resort has put measures in place to ensure that its staff are prepared for any eventuality during the hurricane season.
General manager Matthew Mullan said the annual preparation started before the start of the season, with refresher sessions where management and supervisory teams went over the resort’s disaster management plan.
 “We looked at all our procedures in detail, specifically the actions to be taken in different scenarios including an islandwide shut down, like we experienced just recently with the passing of Chantal,”?he said.
“We also went over the different types of emergency notices or alerts that can be issued, what each means and the steps each department has to take when they are issued.”
Mullan said the managers and supervisors then held separate sessions with their immediate team members to filter down the information to ensure that all staff members were aware and familiar with all procedures to be taken during a hurricane or storm.
“We also stock up on items like torch lights, portable radios, batteries and first aid kits as well as conduct periodic checks on our generators, communication devices and other equipment, to ensure all are in good working condition,” he said.
Mullan said that this was a process the hotel’s entire team goes through each year. “We take this time of the year very seriously and believe that it is extremely important that we are prepared and that we put all systems in place to protect our team members and our guests,” he said. (PR)
Hilton Barbados’ general manager Matthew Mullan (left) checking the resort’s hurricane supplies with director of operations Shireene Mathlin-Tulloch (centre) and purchasing coordinator Adrian Callender. (GP)