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Archbishop’s advice to Christians

CAROL MARTINDALE, [email protected]

Archbishop’s advice to Christians

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The church has a past of involvement in bad practices, and Christians must neither hide from nor deny it.
That was the message delivered by Archbishop of Canterbury, RH Justin Welby, as he struck a theme of family in the eyes of God while addressing a packed to overflowing Christ Church Parish Church in  a service to welcome him to this Anglican Diocese Friday evening.
He said, “In this part of the world there is the history of the church in the past acting in oppression . It is no use covering that up, pretending it did not happen, making excuses, it is true”.
This principal leader of the Church of England and the Anglican Communion, added, “We cannot forget that every age and every place we live in today the church is human, and humans make terrible mistakes, and do terrible wrongs, but it is still the family of God”.
Describing the church as God’s building, he said, “The church is under construction in the hands of God… and buildings under construction always look a mess”.