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Illegal dumping problem at Mount

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Illegal dumping problem at Mount

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ROBIN INGRAHM, manager of the 140-acre Mount Plantation,  St George, is not happy.
That’s because someone, or a group, dumped a huge pile of garbage, mostly coconut fibre, on the cart roads of the plantation a few days ago.
“It is unfortunate that someone has decided to use the plantation as a dumping heap and furthermore, we now have to find the ways and means to remove all of this stuff which is expense on the plantation,” he said.
“It is total carelessness and cannot be accepted.?It’s wrong and should not be encouraged in any possible way.”
Ingrahm said he suspected the dumping occurred last week as he spotted an unknown vehicle i    n the area.
He said the incident  had been reported to the District “B”?Police Station at Boarded Hall  and there was evidence  in the heap such  as labels that could lead  to the perpetrators.
He added that mattresses and dead animals had been discovered in the fields between the Mount Plantation and Drax Hall. (MK)