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Can’t eat since he left me

shadiasimpson, [email protected]

Can’t eat since he left me

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I NEED SOMEONE to talk  to because I cannot talk to my parents. I have lost my boyfriend and I cannot sleep and eat very well since he left me.
He was everything  to me. We were going steady for six months and everything was wonderful before he met another girl.
When I asked him about her he denied  it at first. Eventually  he stopped coming to my home as often as before; now he does not come  at all.
I have not seen him  for two weeks and there  is no use in calling him,  as he’ll only hang up the telephone. He does not answer his cell either.
There seems to be nothing left. I hope  you can help me.
– L.D
Dear L.D,
I know you must be broken up inside,  but still believe in  the power of love  and believe there is someone out there who deserves your love a  lot more than this guy.
It’s not true that you have lost everything. You have your life  and your pride, in that you have decided not  to all him anymore.
I suspect you are very young and when you are, it is difficult  to believe that the grief which comes from “losing” a love one will eventually go away.  It does. Soon you’ll be looking back wondering why you were so hurt in the first place.
Give yourself time  to get over this guy  and soon you’ll be smiling and eating  as you should again.
Believe me, happiness will come.