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Baby burnt

Maria Bradshaw

Baby burnt

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A young manis calling for a thorough investigation into how his eight-month-old baby boy received first degree burns on his left foot and lower torso while being given a bath at the day nursery which he attends.
Jamar Jn-Marie said he was told by Donna Sargeant, the operator of Precious Jewels Day Nursery, Back Ivy, St Michael,  that she was giving the baby a bath in the sink and she mistakenly turned on the hot water; then she turned away to do something with another child and the baby accidentally got burnt.
But Jn-Marie said she told the police that she did not realize that she had turned on the hot water.
The 25-year-old man said the incident happened last Thursday and his son Jalani suffered burns to his left thigh, testicles and penis. He would also require specialist treatment for the burns to his penis.