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Beach-going dad dies while swimming

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Beach-going dad dies while swimming

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A FATHER OF THREE who was described by his family as easy-going  and cool lost his life at sea yesterday.
Ainsley Arthur, 69, of 3rd Avenue, Mannings Land, Bank Hall, St Michael, drowned about 11:15 a.m. while  at Brighton Beach, St Michael.
Police reported that Arthur was bathing with friends who missed him and realized that he was floating and unresponsive.   He was taken ashore and CPR  was performed. However, it  was unsuccessful.  
When the MIDWEEK NATION  visited Arthur’s home, his wife Patricia was too distraught to speak to the Press. However, his son James said his father, who retired three years ago, was  in good health with his only issue  being hypertension.
“Up to now I still doubting it, I can’t believe it,” said a sobbing James.
Stepson Justin Braithwaite  said his stepfather was used  to frequenting the beach at least three times a week.
“It’s going to be hard to deal with  the fact that he is no longer here . . . .  He was a person you could always look towards for things to fall into place,  he was always very structured,”  said Braithwaite.
He said his stepfather was “one of the coolest people you’d ever meet, he was everything to everybody, and anytime you call he’d be able to come to you. If you needed anything, you would just call him and he would take over from there.”
Daughter Jo-Ann Arthur was not present at the time of the visit.
Police investigations are continuing. (JH)