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Freeze on hiring in public service

CAROL MARTINDALE, [email protected]

Freeze on hiring in public service

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There will be no hiring of new workers in the central public service or across all statutory entities for the next financial year, unless approved by Prime Minister Freundel Stuart.
This decision was disclosed by Minister of Finance Chris Sinckler when he delivered the 2013-2014 Financial Statement and Budgetary Proposals yesterday.
The move is expected to save Government some $435.9 million over the adjustment period.
“Government has been careful to design these expenditure adjustments in such a manner as to limit the potential for major job losses in the public service,” he noted, before disclosing that there would be no new hirings.
“Effective immediately there will be a total freeze on all new hiring in the central public service and across all statutory entities.
“Deviation from this policy will only be countenanced in cases of extreme criticalness and will have to be approved by the Prime Minister and Minister of Civil Service before execution.”
Sinckler went on to add that “departments and boards who breach this policy will not receive any resources to cover the salaries of these persons if they cannot be accounted for in the system”.Additionally, the minister said that the policy will also extend to the hiring of substitutes, temporary or casual workers as replacements for appointed staff proceeding on leave.
Furthermore, he pointed out that there will be an immediate freeze of all non-critical established posts which have not been filled in the last six months and are unlikely to be filled in the near term.
Sinckler also revealed that there will be a strict policy of limiting supplementaries to within budgeted expenditure targets.
“Ministries and departments have been advised that the Ministry of Finance will not accept any requests for supplementaries where commensurate savings from their overall budget cannot be found, virement employed, or except in cases of serious national emergency,” he said.
“Special exemptions may be made on account of such areas or public health, national security, child and elderly care.” (RB)