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Hubby left us behind

shadiasimpson, [email protected]

Hubby left us behind

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Dear Christine,
MY HUSBAND, a non-Barbadian, left me and our two children a year ago. He was going home for a month’s holiday. He wrote one letter saying he was getting a job and would like to live in —-.
He added that he would send for us later. That was the last I heard from him. He has never called. I have heard that he has a good job and that he moved away from his parents’ home and has a nice flat. I have written several letters but have not received any response.
I am reluctant to divorce him because we all miss him so much and I still hope he’ll come back or allow us to join him.
Can you explain what this behaviour is all about and why he is ignoring me?
– P.F.
Dear P.F.,
I hate to break it to you, but it seems like your husband wants to be left alone. Why hasn’t he written or called? I don’t have the real answer, but his actions speak of someone who no longer cares.
If your letters are really reaching him, and I hope they are, it would suggest to me that he wants a complete break from you and the children.
If there is any way that you can get through to him, tell him that you miss him and you want him back. Do this before contemplating a divorce.
After being apart for a year with little or no communication, you have certain rights. Weigh your options before you do anything irrational, but don’t hold your breath waiting for him to come through the door at any moment.