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Mottley blasts Sinckler’s Budget

Maria Bradshaw

Mottley blasts Sinckler’s Budget

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A?THROW-YOUR-HANDS-up-in-the-air Budget!
That was how Opposition Leader Mia Mottley described yesterday’s Financial Statement and Budgetary Proposals delivered by Minister of Finance Chris Sinckler.
“It is a cut-and-paste Budget with no clear concept as to where we are going or what we will achieve. Bajans will feel pain but, unlike the past, you will not know its severity or to what end,” she told the MIDWEEK?NATION?during an interview at the Opposition’s office.
Calling it the “most rambling and incoherent Budget speech given in the history of Barbados”, Mottley charged that Sinckler “ad-libbed” almost all of his speech.
“This could not be the Budget intended to correct the problems articulated by the Governor  of the Central Bank on June 27  at the consultation meeting;  nor to address the problems of the steep decline in reserves that the minister told us about at the beginning of his speech –  over 300 million in three months.