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What’s Trending:Talk on UWI tuition fees

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What’s Trending:Talk on UWI tuition fees

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The Nation’s Online Editor Carol Martindale looks at What’s Trending today.
Shortly after Minister of Finance Chris Sinckler delivered the 2013 Financial Statement in Parliament yesterday, Barbadians started to weigh in on some of the measures outlined.
Of particular concern to some readers was the fact that from next year Barbadians pursuing studies at the campuses of the University of the West Indies would be required to pay tuition fees.
Sinckler said this policy would reduce “the transfer to UWI by an estimated $42 million a year”, while underscoring Government’s commitment to the continued growth and development of UWI Cave Hill and increased access to tertiary education for Barbadians.
This is what some readers had to say:
Jason Cayenne: “I hope they create employment opportunities for students. I’m a current student and I never have enough money to pay for each semester. I always have to end up selling something I need. This Government is doing bare foolishness. Do they know that companies come here because of the high percentage of educated individuals we have. I think not. Well I called it right years ago when I said that education in the near future will be once again for the privileged. If you think poverty is high now wait until the one major thing that lifts us out of it is removed from the equation”.
Alistair Alleyne: “I don’t understand how fees can be implemented for university education at the University of the West Indies (UWI) which is an investment in human capital. There is a wealth of academic research which shows that investment in higher education is inextricably linked to the economic development of a nation. Barbados did not become the number developing country in the early 1990’s by some stroke of luck. It is because the country has a well-educated work force. However, the Government maintains summer camps and constituency councils. This leads me to ask the following questions. Did the Minister not conduct research on this measure before including it in the Budgetary Proposals? How much money is spent annually on constituency councils and summer camps? What purpose do they serve? If the money spent on summer camps and constituency councils exceeds the $42 million which has been cut from UWI’s budget well abolish them – plain and simple”.
Ayanda Holder: “I am a DLP supporter who did not vote in the last election because I disagreed with at least 90 per cent of their policies. I will not support this economic assault on the poor working class Barbadian. How could Mr Sinckler speak in such a hostile and disrespectful manner about the same institution from which he obtained a free university education? He could have introduced an educational levy instead of that ridiculous additional tax. That would have been more humane and sensitive”.
Ashantia Howard: “It’s about time people take UWI studies more seriously. A reduction in the money wasters and time wasters on campus is welcomed”.
Robert Holloway: “Hopefully the banks can step in and provide good student loans and rates and be flexible”.
Marvin Reid: “Well I hope the students who don’t take time to take education seriously actually take it more serious now”.