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Church’s concern about domestic violence

CAROL MARTINDALE, [email protected]

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The Social Justice Commission of the Anglican Church, Diocese of Barbados, is concerned about the recent deaths of women resulting from domestic violence.
A statement today said: “As the Commission has been stressing in its Family Violence Campaign over the last year, all human beings, male and female, having been made in the image of God, have inherent worth and dignity which should be respected. Abuse and violence devalue the God image in both the perpetrator and victim and must be condemned”.
“We take this opportunity to remind men and women that violence is not an appropriate or acceptable response to feelings of hurt or disappointment. As rational beings, we need to find civilized ways of resolving conflict, and where efforts fail, we need to walk away from unwholesome relationships. In our society we need to understand that a good relationship is based on mutual love and respect and not control of one’s partner”.
The Commission urged the encourage the Attorney General to press ahead with his stated intention to fast-track a new Domestic Violence Act which will make it easier for the police to act decisively to deal with cases of domestic violence.
“In the meantime, we renew our appeal to both men and women to work hard for the creation and maintenance of peace and harmony within families and in the community”. (CM/PR)