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Hiding their men from her

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Hiding their men from her

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A VERY?BAD-MINDED dreadlocked woman from a City district, who has a reputation for sleeping with her friends’ men, has used her evil ways to land a job which she is not qualified for after a woman retired.
But her reputation precedes her and word around the institution is that members of the office staff are  very upset. They are saying that  this short woman is not a good  worker and they are always getting complaints about her.
Apart from her bad cleaning skills, her workmates were chatting the other day, saying that they would not be letting their men come to them  on the job because this woman is always bragging about her good looks, yet she sleeps around with several men because she can’t get a man  of her own.
They say she will never be able to clean up her act after so many years.
Only a fake accent to show
RESIDENTS living in a close-knit housing unit in Christ Church  were awoken from their sleep last weekend by a heavy dose of cursing  from two women.
Apparently one was telling the  other that she got deported from the United States and came back here with only the clothes on her back,  and the only thing she had to show she lived in the Big Apple for  over 20 years was her fake accent.
It was bare bashment!
She lives in a glass house
A SENIOR OFFICIAL at a certain organization only made herself  look stupid when she went on Facebook last week making  laughing sport at the misfortune  of one of her colleagues.
Workers who saw her undignified posting were wondering why she should laugh at the man when her nephew was charged with stealing half a million dollars and her grandson’s father with robbing a bank.
And to bring it closer to home  not long ago, a man’s wife totally embarrassed her for sleeping with  her husband by placing several  big rocks around her car.
Just in case she didn’t know,  people were laughing at her instead for calling the kettle black.
Stone-throwing skills
WHAT WAS A WELL KNOWN MAN thinking when he threw two big rocks through the windscreen of the car of a woman who has the ability to arrest him on the spot?
People know that he is skilled  in kicking goals but they could not believe that he could actually throw objects so precisely.
Some people were sympathetic  to him but others were saying he should have known better, given that he stood in the dock just days earlier.
His friends were appalled that he would let $7 000 make him a fool.
Bewitching tactics
SEEMS that a certain woman intends to cut down as many men as she can.
This very curvaceous woman  eems to be using her good looks and fabulous body to snag these men, some of whom have very influential jobs.
Many believe she is partly responsible for a certain individual leaving his job. There is also talk that she left a St George man bankrupt after living in his mansion for a few years; and that she is demanding  $10 000 from a lawyer after accusing him of touching her derriere.
Now she is said to have scored big with another man, leaving him angry and disoriented after he discovered some of his cheques were missing along with lots of cash.
Other men are now saying that they are keeping far from  this bewitching woman before  they end up behind bars.