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Talk cheap

Sanka Price

Talk cheap

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Opposition leader Mia Mottley is challenging Prime Minister Freundel Stuart to lead Barbadians through the economic crisis by also making sacrifices, such as trimming his administration and eliminating partisan programmes.
And she says if Stuart is willing to reject the tuition fees imposed on Barbadian students at the University of the West Indies (UWI), the cuts to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital’s (QEH)?budget and the “draconian 0.7 per cent tax on land values”, her party is prepared to sit with Government to find alternative measures to protect Barbadians.
Mottley told the DAILY NATION yesterday that leadership must not only be about talking more and saying “do as I say”; it was also about asking others to “do as you do”.
As such, she said, Government could not expect Barbadians to bear the sacrifices being asked of them, while the Democratic Labour Party-led Government made no cuts to its Cabinet or adjustments to its way of doing business to become more efficient and save money.