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Parking bother in Hastings

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Parking bother in Hastings

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THE RECURRING PROBLEM of illegal parking outside the Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) at Hastings, Christ Church irks Simon Parravicino.
But yesterday when he saw a vehicle from the Prime Minister’s Office parked next to a No Parking sign near the curb outside the bank, he was highly offended.
Parravicino, managing director of Sweet Temptations in the nearby Skyway Plaza mall, told the DAILY?NATION, “I think it is just ridiculous when a member of the Prime Minister’s Office or any Government agency does it because they set the laws. Why not enforce them or at least follow them?”
Parravicino said he was informed the driver stopped to use the ATM.
This picture snapped by Parravicino shows the vehicle parked next to the No Parking sign outside the bank.  (LK)