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OUTSIDE THE PULPIT: One of the best jokes yet

Reverend Errington Massiah

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Three weeks ago I got one of the biggest jokes in my whole life. I went to my insurance company to enquire about the dividends on my insurance policy, which, I was told, would not be ready before the end of August.
Then I asked about the dividends for Den Den (my wife) and the clerk, who was very nice, said she could not tell me! Here’s the joke. My wife can call and find out. Can someone please tell me how the insurance company would know her voice. What a big joke!
Maybe I should have stayed at home and called the company – pretending to be my wife using my best “female” voice – to find out what I wanted to know. The only way they would have known it was not her is if they had a recording of her voice.
The annoying thing about the experience, though, is that I am the person who pays the premium for my wife and I was acting on her behalf!
In the future, insurance companies should find out where the money is coming from before they accept it.