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FLYING FIS & COU COU: New comedian in the fray

BEA DOTTIN, [email protected]

FLYING FIS & COU COU: New comedian in the fray

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Move over, Mac Fingall and Trevor Eastmond; there’s a new comedian in town.
And from what Cou Cou has been told, he is so good that though he reduced people attending a serious session recently to fits of laughter, he had a straight face as if he really meant what he said.
One of his gems was: Barbadians should eat flying fish and breadfruit and stay away from flying fish and English potatoes as spuds were responsible for the high level of diabetes in Barbados.
Another classic was that people who sell pudding and souse should place a sticker on the styrofoam containers they’re sold in saying “Made In Barbados” so that those buying the product know they have a truly locally produced meal.
A number of people left the meeting remarking that with such humour at the highest level, it is no wonder that everything happening in the country seems like a big joke for those who should know better.
Say it’s not so
Supporters of a top politico are begging him to say that he was not the man with his wife shopping in a mall in the United States on Thursday.
They want him to say it isn’t true that while all hell was breaking loose in Barbados, he was living it up without a care in the world.
They want him to say that the reported $22 000 approved for plane tickets and accommodation for a big shot and his spouse to travel overseas at this time did not in any way refer to him.
And they want him to show them his ticket and his wife’s that he bought for the trip so they could dispel the rumours.
They are saying he cares for the country too much to sink to such a level.?
Ways to cut costs
A simple man wants to know why Government does not save money at his statutory corporation by axing some of the full-time consultants and the extra goodies given to the office staff.
He said there are three consultants, each being paid $8 000 a month, and no one is quite sure what they do as permanent employees were doing those jobs before, and those staffers are still there.
To reduce wastage, he suggests taking away the near 50 cellphones given out to clerical staff. He said they are not on the road and don’t need to have them. That would save a whopping cellphone bill.
Another area is to deal with people who do not do a fair day’s work. He claimed that a number of people come to work late, take long lunch breaks and still leave early but no one dares to say anything to them. In fact, the few who have been challenged make it known that a minister sent them and no one can move them. Yet, when workmen are half an hour late their wages are docked.
The man, a veteran at this statutory corporation, says even more money would be saved if whoever is responsible stops renting equipment to do certain work while ignoring similar machinery owned by the entity. ?
He’s got it all wrong
Did he know, was he not told, or did he miss out some details?
These are some of the questions people are asking about a statement made by a certain big shot.
They say his statement was riddled with inaccuracies, one being that a certain department has experienced challenges with the payments system when in fact the lists of which he speaks are not housed under that system either.
So those in the know are saying this person was either badly briefed or was asleep during the briefing. Either way he got his facts wrong.