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Giant cassava in Briar Hall

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Giant cassava in Briar Hall

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Getting 122 pounds of cassava from one plant is unusual as it is. What’s even more unusual is when the 122 pounds are the combined weight of just three cassavas!
So large were the tubers that Briar Hall, Christ Church resident Dorothy Arthur had to get a friend to help dig them out of the ground on Thursday.
But it’s not the first time she has reaped larger than usual crops.
Arthur told the SATURDAY SUN that about two weeks ago she found two massive sweet potatoes, one shaped like a duck.
“I was too afraid to eat it,” she said with a laugh, adding that she put the duck-shaped spud on display before cutting off piece to replant.
This time around there won’t be any such hesitation, however.
“I will give some to friends, freeze some and hopefully sell the rest,” Arthur said.
Here, Arthur pointing to the largest of the three giant cassavas her friend helped her dig up. (DP)

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