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PUDDING & SOUSE: Family feeling twice the pain

BEA DOTTIN, [email protected]

PUDDING & SOUSE: Family feeling twice the pain

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A mourning family is very upset with a certain person for increasing the pain which the sudden death of the matriarch caused.
Pudding & Souse understands that the family’s patriarch and matriarch have been coming here every year for vacation for some years.
This year, however, the husband died and the details of how his body should be sent to his family overseas were entrusted to a well known individual.
The wife chose the casket she wanted her husband’s body sent to her in and all the costs were agreed on.
On return home the grieving wife was jolted when the person to whom she entrusted this delicate task wanted more money than was agreed on and refused to allow the body to be shipped until the additional fees requested were paid into a bank account.
But when the wife paid the money and the body was sent, it was not in the casket chosen. In fact, the casket looked as if it may have been previously used.
The family is now determined to get an attorney here to deal with this man who seems to have forgotten that the wife took pictures of the casket she had purchased.
Liar on the loose
Some people in Barbados need to realize this country is too small and too many people know each other for them to get away with fooling people for an extended time.
Take for instance a well known brown-skinned man who lives on a hill and who has made himself a laughing stock because of his lies.
This man likes to “style” through Bridgetown in designer sun glasses, brand-name clothes and impressive shoes, to give the impression that his pockets are deep, when nothing could be further from the truth.
He drives a small car and is often seen in nightclubs and bars and on the beach with different women when he should be on his night job. And he tells young women he and his wife are separated.
The truth is this man is still married and his wife often looks down from an ideal spot on a balcony in Bridgetown, watching him make a fool of himself.
His colleagues at his main workplace know too that he is a fraud because they’re at work when the notices come for the arrears he has, as well as the warrant because he does not put money at the court for his child.
They want this man to remember that it is one thing to hide and buy land – so to speak – but another to hide and work it.
Shape up!
The colleagues of a slim, ill-mannered woman from the east are saying she is destructive and so disrespectful that they are hoping she gets a transfer.
They are saying too that she must be a very unhappy woman as she takes pride in trying to destroy the lives of others.
They want this tall woman who resembles a heron to realize that she is an adult and should change her unruly behaviour.
All ties cut
The controlling son who locked his elderly mother out of her bungalow has been telling friends that she should not have turned against him because he was the one who rescued her when her brown-skinned daughter used to curse and ill-treat her.
And he is letting everyone know that his sister, who sings, had such bad credit that his mother had to take out furniture on hire purchase for her because the stores were insisting that she cough up cash. Apparently, all she has to show that she had a man who was big in the entertainment industry are love notes.
The angry son says he has severed ties with his mother and his last sister, whom he has never forgiven for not attending his wedding so many years ago.