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Joyful noise

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Joyful noise

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There were tears of anguish, shouts of praise, songs of joy and hands raised in triumph as thousands attended The Alabaster Box Night  of Prayer held by Christ Is The Answer (CITA)  90.1 FM at Queen’s Park on Friday night.
A brief sprinkling of rain, which some considered showers of blessing, did nothing to quench the religious fervour on display.
The night of prayer was hosted by Carita Dee  of the Girlfriend Get A Life show on CITA. Along with the help of a few pastors, she blessed the audience, anointed those with sickness and  prayed to “bind” the spirit of suicide.
“Our young people do not take their lives;  what is this spirit that has come over us?  The devil is alive!” she declared.
This was prompted by news that a teenager, Chevonne King, had apparently committed suicide by hanging herself. King’s father, David Greenidge, attended the session.
Dee, an ordained evangelist, also prayed for the improvement of the economy and for people who were in need of jobs, money, food and clothes.
Irene Gooding has all the above problems and more. She said she has  a son in jail, grandchildren in need of school clothes and a sister with  health problems.
“It’s really stressful for me right now so I came here to get prayers  for me and my family,” she said.
Dee spoke to the SUNDAY SUN after the more than three-hour-long event.
“This was all about prayer and letting people get to the next level of their lives and get out of depression, bad relationships . . . and connect closer  with God,” she said.
She added the event was “fantastic” and was the first of its kind, but  would definitely not be the last.
“We had singing, praying, crying, encouraging, blessings for financial  gain . . . . We plan to do many more.” (CA)

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