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Viola ‘feels all right’  at 105

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Viola  ‘feels  all right’  at 105

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Viola Broomes loves to sing. In fact, she would spontaneously burst into song, as she did several times yesterday for a SUNDAY SUN team.  
The 105-year-old has a hearty voice and an equally hearty appetite. Unaided, she sat upright in the chair at the Buccaneer Terrace, Sion Hill, St James home of her grandson Trevor Stuart and she spoke of her joy at having lived so long. Broomes’ sister, Glendora Cyrus, seems determined to match her, as she is 103 years old.
When asked how she felt to be such a ripe old age, Broomes said: “Well, I feel all right. Whatever God does is well done.”
Last month family and friends held a grand celebration as she celebrated her birthday  on August 5.
Yesterday, Broomes, who resides at Gentle Care Nursing Home  in Oxnards, St James,  was spending the day with daughter Vivian Stuart, 79, and a few family members.
Stuart, who lives in Leeds in northern England, has been in the country since July 1 to celebrate with her mother. She said she was very proud to see her reach 105 years, recalling that when she was 13 years old her mother became very ill and they thought they would lose her.
“She used to be sick in her younger days and it looked like after she passed the age of 50 she started to get stronger and stronger,” Stuart said.
Broomes, who was  born in Baywoods,  St James, had 11 children, eight of whom are still alive. She was a farm worker, seamstress and maid and even delivered a few babies.
Broomes was an  ardent member  of St Silas Church and though she no longer attends, the priest  brings her communion.
Broomes still has a good memory and also retains a hearty appetite. Though she would not eat a lot at one sitting, she eats regularly. And the only major health concern she has is diminishing eyesight. (LK)