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FLYING FISH & COU COU: Lid put on volcano for now

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FLYING FISH & COU COU: Lid put on volcano for now

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A MAJOR BUST-UP between three very important people that could have threatened the unity of a powerful group has been contained – at least for now.
Reports are that a man who sometimes leads the group is very upset over the shenanigans of two of his colleagues at a very symbolic place.
He has accused the individual who had responsibility for the facility of doing a number of underhand things, aided by the lack of proper oversight by the other.
The alternate is saying that his portfolio is now saddled with a debt that should never be, and must quietly clean up a mess that should never have occurred.
But what has this sometime leader particularly peeved is that the colleague who should have been exercising oversight in the first place is now walking about bad-talking him to make it appear that he was the incompetent one and this is why the situation is what it is.
This has forced the alternate to share with others in the group his utter astonishment that anyone could sink so low. But for the sake of the need to steer the course to keep the group on top, he has decided to seal his lips on the matter.
So serious is he about not talking on the situation that even when the head of this group got wind of the talk and asked about it, this trusted alternate has remained mum. The group must remain paramount.
Politico horned
TONGUES ARE WAGGING about a certain politico who reportedly found their partner in bed with a member of their partner’s sex several weeks ago.
Word from the grapevine is that the politico did a number, lambasting their partner for the betrayal.
Those chatting about it say the politico said it was one thing to get a horn, but to get it from someone who is the same sex as their partner was like a dagger through the heart.
The politico reportedly packed some of their clothes and stormed out of the house and went to the residence of a relative.
Since then tempers have cooled, discussions were held, explanations given and apologies made, so the politico has moved backed in.
Trading places
COOKS TRADED THEIR knives and spoons for brooms and mops this week because, they say, of Government’s austerity measures.
Insiders told Cou Cou that the workers turned up at their facility only to find it filthy and in need of a major clean-up. They contacted those in charge to make them aware of what needed to be done at the facility before they could start functioning.
That’s when they were told the clean-up could not happen as they would have liked as there was no money in the budget to bring in cleaners.
After some discussion, the workers decided they would take matters into their own hands for the sake of their own health.
Off the hook
IT APPEARS the politico whose stormy relationship with a female made Cou Cou’s headlines some months ago does not have to worry about being a father to her child. The woman lost the baby.
It means this man, who never wanted a child from that woman, can breathe a sigh of relief.
Those in the know are wondering if this unfortunate outcome had anything to do with the bassa bassa between the two at this big boy’s house.
It is understood that in the heat of that incident she threatened to call the police for him, but he said he couldn’t be touched.
We understand that this woman, who defined herself by being his lady and carrying his child, is now devastated.

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