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Alzheimer’s body still needs help

BEA DOTTIN, [email protected]

Alzheimer’s body still needs help

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Thought the Alzheimer’s Association of Barbados has surpassed its initial goal of reaching $50 000 with the one cent drive, it is still nowhere close to securing the funds needed to operate a centre for those stricken with the disease. 
Speaking yesterday from Independence Square where the association held a health fair as part of its World Alzheimer’s Month activities, president Pamelia Brereton said a day care was the biggest priority, given the number of people seeking help.
She said in 2007, the numbers were estimated at 3 500, and would have grown by 2013.
She said the one cent drive was still going strong, but despite doubling the goal of $50 000, it was still not going to be enough to get the day care centre going. (LK)