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Breakfast boom

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Breakfast boom

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THE?YOUNG WOMEN’S Christian Association (YWCA) Breakfast Club programme has spread its wings to the north of the island, catering to a number of school children in St Andrew.
The Breakfast Club, which started out serving about 25 children, currently boasts of 1 100 participants, concentrated in St Michael mainly and in St George.  
Andrea Taylor, newly elected president of YWCA and national coordinator of the Breakfast Club for the last five years, told the DAILY?NATION yesterday that although the programme was operated by volunteers, it was run like a business.
“From where I sit as president and breakfast coordinator, I believe in transparency. Anybody can come in, whether it is sponsors, health inspector, whether it is the Press.”
Taylor said there was no let-up at the opening of schools last week, with children collecting and eating their breakfast.
“The YWCA as an organization sees it as our corporate responsibility, and we will continue with it as long as we can. There are approximately seven centres. We have just opened up one in St Andrew that is in collaboration with the schools.