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In touch with tablets

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In touch with tablets

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The Aron and Christina Foundation presented Class 3 pupils of the Half Moon Fort Primary School, St Lucy, yesterday with XO tablets, slim-line touchscreen tablet computers for children.  
 According to trustee of the local educational charity, Aron Truss, “the XO tablet offers world-class learning software customized to the child’s educational goals and curriculum”.
He added: “The tablets also come with many pre-loaded educational activities and games and we are fans and supporters of the one laptop per child. What children lack is not capability,  it is opportunity and resources.”
Principal Veronica Best said the presentation had come at a time when Half Moon Fort was operating with limited resources.
“Any assistance at this time is greatly appreciated and this gesture signals to us that there are persons out  there who have an interest in  the growth and development of our students and are willing to assist where possible,”?she said.
“I wish to take this opportunity to invite other stakeholders to come on board and assist us as we work to put our youth on a sustained path of development and technology, the driving force behind development the world over and it is important that we prepare the students to be part of that process.”
In his remarks Minister of Housing and MP for St Lucy Denis Kellman  said: “With a fun, hands-on approach,  the XO Tablet brings collaboration  and discovery to the learning process  and it also is designed specially to help kids explore their dreams and spark their imaginations.”  (RL)