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IT STARTED OUT as another case of a missing person.
But police investigations have uncovered that not only was 25-year-old Damian Rasheed Foster kidnapped, he is believed to have been brutally murdered and his body disposed of by a group of men.
Assistant Commissioner of Police (Crime) Mark Thompson confirmed yesterday that two men were in police custody in connection with the disappearance of Foster and that investigators were looking for two other men for questioning.
Thompson, however, refused to give any details about reports that Foster’s body could not be found.
“We are not prepared to discuss whether or not a body has been recovered. To do so at this time would more than likely offend the sensitivity of the family.
“And it could also taint the rights of any accused to a fair trial,” he added.
But DAILY NATION investigations have revealed that Foster was forcibly removed by a group of sword-wielding men from his girlfriend’s home at Campaign Land, Martindales Road, St Michael, two Friday nights ago.