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M-16 found among church rubble

CAROL MARTINDALE, [email protected]

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The discovery of a high-powered rifle in a church has raised concern for police investigators.
Last week, following the collapse of a church roof in The City what is believed to be an M-16 calibre firearm was found among the debris.
Acting Assistant Commissioner of Police Mark Thompson in confirming the find, hinted that it could be another way used by gangs or people involved in illegal activity to conceal illegal firearms.
“We know that people over the years have been known to be stashing firearms in various places, but this is the first time I’ve heard about a church being used for such activity,” Thompson told the MIDWEEK NATION.
He noted that the police force from time to time was faced with challenges of trying to manage or trace the use of illegal firearms and that lawmen tried to be very vigilant especially in some areas known for unlawful activities.
Thompson said in previous years there were cases in which a single firearm was found to be used in the commission of various crimes, but that practice seems to have changed.
According to the senior cop, the recent discovery would not only alert investigators but would change their strategies when searching for illegal weapons. (TS)